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Boat lifts are a great option for any boater wanting to keep their boat out of the water at a busy dock or avoid the maintenance that comes with a boat sitting for extended periods in the water. When properly installed and configured to the dock, this is a desired option for easy on an off access and easy loading. Lifts come with the ability to control the lift remotely and more recently from an app on your phone. This adds to their convenience of being able to put your boat on the lift without having to first dock it, drop the lift, get the boat on and then lift it back out. Once on the lift, the boat is secured and out of the water minimizing growth and erosion to the hull and hardware. Lifts vary depending on vessel size, but common lift types are 4-post lifts, elevator lifts, swing lifts and floating lifts. Each situation makes one of these lifts better than the next, whether it be vessel size, access to the dock or city code requirements on placement. Reputable manufactures in Florida make choosing a lift a confident and safe choice.


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