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A dock’s primary purpose is to be a mooring structure for a boat but also provides the benefits to be used an extension of your backyard or terrace for entertaining or relaxing. Docks have a generic base structure, but can be configured in endless ways to meet your every expectations.  Here is South Florida the most common docks are wood, concrete or floating docks.

  • Wood docks can be paired with either wood or concrete pilings and framed using a substructure and stringer construction. The structure is then decked with either wood or composite decking. All wood in this construction is required to be marine grade pressure treated lumber and stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized hardware must be used. The combination of a wood structure and composite decking gives the customer an endless amount of colors and potential patterns to choose from when selecting their decking. Composite decking used by APH Marine Construction generally come with a 25-year material warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Concrete docks are cast in place using rebar and concrete pilings for support. This is a common project when a new seawall is installed or there is an increase in seawall cap. A concrete dock is very strong and quite rigid in comparison to its wood counterpart. A concrete dock is a great option for the customer that wishes to install pavers, tile or other stone flooring finishes on top of the dock to extend the design from the back yard or pool deck. This can be a beautiful look for larger homes. Being that concrete is rigid and unforgiving, this may not be an ideal option for inexperienced boaters.
  • Floating dock popularity is on the rise for their functionality and the ability for users to enter in and out of the water with such ease. Boaters do not need to be as concerned with tidal shifting in how they tie up and avid paddle boarders/kayakers are able to enter and exit the water without needing to climb up and down ladders while hauling their board or kayak. Floating docks can be made with either composite decking or a concrete finish, although for residential use, composite decking is more popular. The functionality of a floating dock does come with a price, so sometimes the best addition they made is to a fixed dock to provide that vessel or water access. The floating docks that are used in addition to fixed docks can be decked in the same decking or with the same pattern structure as the fixed dock to create uniformity and consistency.


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