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Eco-Friendly Marine Construction Being a part of the South Florida community gives us a gift that most people in the world will not experience, we have one of the most vibrant marine ecosystem in the world at our fingertips. Everything from boating, fishing, spearfishing, diving, paddleboarding, kayaking or enjoying a day at the beach is something we have been entrusted to take care of and pass along to the next generation. As someone who was lucky enough to be born and raised in Broward County, I have seen the changes in the ocean over the years. I have seen the great efforts put forth by amazing organizations and have seen the unfortunate disregard by other companies in various industries. 

Seeing this and the impacts both good and bad made it clear that environmental awareness and action is something ever more important to preserve so we can share this gift with our children. At APH Marine, we use techniques for installing that minimize the environmental impact, we encourage designs that will allow marine life to thrive and utilize materials that are eco friendly both in our equipment and the products we install. All marine contractors are required to obtain environmental permits for work done on the water, and while these can be significant hurdles to overcome from time to time, we do not shortcut our way through making sure the ecosystem maintains its purpose on every project. Ask us more about how we can accomplish this on your upcoming project or plan.


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