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Dock pilings are the connection from the land to the water They are spaced according to the engineered working load they can maintain based on the overall size of the dock’s structure and size. Pilings connected to the dock provide the structural support for everything on top of the dock. The pilings are connected directly to the seawall to give it its strength. Pilings can be left tall above the dock and finished with either piling strips or piling boxes that match the decking used on the dock. For concrete pilings, stone may be used as well, but is not recommended if the piling will be used as a mooring structure for a boat as the stones may be pull off. Pilings can also be cut off below the dock so the top of the dock is wide open. It should be noted that if this option is used cleats will likely be set directly on the deck and can be a tripping hazard, but it is a very nice and clean look for a dock. Dolphin pilings are installed on their own and used as a mooring device for boats which gives the boat the ability to tie up in between the dock and dolphin piling to ensure the boat is not bouncing off the dock or risking getting pinched underneath in an incoming tide. Wood pilings have a life of approximately 30 years where the tidal area is wrapped in plastic. Wood pilings are also relatively easy to swap out if one becomes damaged or structurally unsafe. Concrete pilings are quite strong and once placed do not come out without heavy equipment. Pilings are required to be driven down to specific depths to achieve their purpose


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